Gift Card FAQs

Uchumi Supermarket gift card FAQs,

Q: Where can I use Uchumi Gift Card?
A:Uchumi Gift Card can be used at any Uchumi branch countrywide.

Q: Can paper-based gift voucher still be used?
A: Yes, all paper-based Uchumi gift voucher will be honoured.

Q: Where can I get an Uchumi Gift Card?
A: A gift card maybe acquired at any customer service desk in any Uchumi outlet countywide.

Q: Can I acquire more than one card?
A: yes, one can acquire more than one card and share out to his/her affiliates as a gift token after a top up.

Q:What can the gift card be used for?
A: The gift card recipient can use a gift card to pay for shopping bills and services purchased at any Uchumi outlet.

Q: Can I add value to my card?
A: Value can be added or reloaded into the gift card easily at the POS’ at any Uchumi Outlet.

Q: Can a gift card be redeemed for cash?
A: The Uchumi Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be used as payment at any Uchumi outlet.

Q: Do gift cards have expiry dates or annual ledger fees?
A: The Gift Card has an expiry date encoded on the card and has no annual ledger fees.

Q: How can I find out the balance on my card?
A: To check your balance, please visit any of our outlet’s customer service desk or contact customer service at , or .

Q: How do I register my card acquired as a gift?
A: You can register a card at any branch of Uchumi at customer service desk and customize it with your details like: full names, phone number, I.D. and email address.

Q: Why do I need to register my card?
A: By registering a gift card you are protecting your card balance. If you report your card lost or stolen, your balance will be frozen and transferred to a new card, which you will collect at your nearest Uchumi Branch.

Q: What would I use the four alphanumeric digits for on the back of the card?
A: The four alphanumeric digits (the registration code) at the back of the gift card are used for registering your card and can be used in reporting cases of lost or stolen cards.

Q: What do I do if my gift card is lost or stolen?
A: call customer service at , or and provide the gift card number or the registration code.

Q: What happens if I find a gift card that I reported lost or stolen?
A: Please discard any card(s) that have been reported lost or stolen. Once the card balance has been frozen it is transferred to a new gift card and therefore the old card has no value and cannot be accepted for payment.



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