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Q: What is the Rewards program?
A: The U club card program is designed to show our appreciation to our loyal customers. When the card is scanned at the point of sale at the time of purchase, points are credited into your U card account.

Q: How does the U club card Program work?
A: Every time you use your U club Card, you'll receive one point for every 100/= spent on your purchases. Your U club card must be enrolled and activated to accumulate points.

Q: How do I benefit from the program?
A: Once earned, you can redeem your points from our rewards selection once you reach a minimum of 100 points.

Q: Why should I enroll in the U club card Program?
A: There are countless opportunities to earn points every day — you'll be amazed at how quickly they add up! Each point is worth money!

Q: How is the U club card Rewards Program different from other rewards programs?
A: The reward program is based on a specific promise of service delivery: Customers can earn and redeem their points throughout the year at any Uchumi branch countrywide!!!

Q: Are there any card transactions that are not eligible for earning points?
A: Purchases done through our point of sale qualify for earning U card Rewards points*

Q: How do I keep track of my points?
A: Points can be viewed online from the portal provided using the four digit pin and also from our customer service desks.

Q: What happens if I have forgotten my card at home while shopping?
A: We encourage you to have your card at all times while shopping for accuracy. However if forget to carry it with you, just quote your U card number at the point of sale and the points will be credited into your account.

Q: What do I do if I forget my number and I don’t have my card?
A: If you forget your number, just quote your cell phone number at the customer service desk and we shall give you your membership number to use at the point of sale.

Q: Can I use my card in Any Uchumi supermarkets branch?
A: Uclub card is to be used only at the respective country of issuance.



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