Managing Specialty Business

specialty business

We insist on professional service equated with what we offer our customers everyday: Variety, Quality and Value.

To consistently ensure quality in the specialty stores, Uchumi ensures that in the contracts they sign with specialty dealers, quality, transparency, consistency is emphasized. Failure to observe standards agreed can lead to termination of the specialty shop contract.

Although it was initially difficult to entice business partners earlier, the business has grown over the years and contributes largely to our turnover every year. Uchumi had to overcome teething challenges with partners who employed their own staff who had little if any training. This led to variances in quality and service delivery and integrity issues. Uchumi has had to train them, to make them feel part of the family. We are currently in the process of designing branded uniform with partner logos to standardize and unify performance.

Uchumi is willing to accommodate more specialty shops as long as space is available. We are willing to listen to business people who have services and goods to enhance our one-stop-shopping specialty partner model bringing value to our customers.

We invite creative proposals from Kenyan businesses to occupy new shops whenever they are available. We insist on:

  1. Balancing existing business and therefore prefer non-competing business ventures.
  2. Different businesses attract different rent rates. We however negotiate preferable and fair rates only with the successful partners.
  3. Potentially successful businesses should cater mainly to the needs of the customers in the locality of the shop.

Through our Specialty business, Uchumi Supermarkets continues to be “Your home of Value!



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