Customer Service

customer service promise

We endeavor to give our customers the best in as far as goods and services are concerned.

Our success is based on listening and responding to customers.

They have always told us that they want to support us, above all to provide a good shopping experience and our guiding factor is Integrity & transparency while dealing with them.

Their trust in us depends on it. Running our business responsibly is an integral part of meeting this demand:

  • Responding to customer trends such as providing more goods and services
  • Treating our suppliers fairly so they can deliver for customers
  • Managing our environmental impacts to help reduce costs and inconvenience
  • Treating our staff as we like to be treated so they do a great job for customers
  • Helping our staff and customers to support the local organizations and causes they care about

The way we run our business reflects the need to tackle these issues. Our steering wheel has six segments and the top most being customer service – which must all be considered equally in our decision making.

But customers want us to do more, to make a greater contribution on the environment and in local communities, and to help them to play their part. We see this as an excellent opportunity, so much so that it is reflected in our strategy for growth alongside our core retail services. We want to earn their trust on these issues by acting responsibly in our operations, and enable them to make responsible choices by breaking down the barriers that stop them.



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