Supplier Requirements

Supplier listing criteria

Uchumi engages suppliers on merit of their products meeting listing requirements and the needs of our customers and also on suppliers’ ability to meet the listing requirements.

Suppliers’ requirements:-

  • Supplier must be registered with the registrar of companies under the provisions of the company Act.
  • Supplier must posses PIN certificate issued by Kenya revenue authority
  • Supplier must be registered for Value Added Tax and issued with a VAT certificate or Exemption letter.
  • Supplier should have a good reputation with no record of fraudulent dealings and must maintain high integrity in all business transactions with Uchumi.
  • Supplier should have the capacity to fully supply orders issued by the head office and/or Uchumi branches.
  • Supplier will be required to fill a Supplier Profile Form and Terms of Trade agreement with Uchumi to formalize the trading contract between the two parties.

Products’ requirement:-

  • Products must meet health, safety and standardization requirements as set out by Kenya bureau of Standards and other government regulatory bodies.
  • Product must be properly packaged and/or labeled to appeal to customers and express its attributes.
  • Products must bear valid Bar Codes issued by a recognized Bar coding body.
  • The product labeling must include the following as minimum requirement:-
  • Brand
  • Product Name
  • Manufactures name and country of origin
  • Expiration date ( for perishable products)
  • Storage instructions ( for perishables or products that deteriorate with time)
  • Ingredients ( for processed products)
  • Bar code
  • Size (weight, volume, length)

Other considerations:-

  • Range of similar products in the category
  • Prices and profitability of the products
  • Target market of the product

Supplier Merchandisers and promoters – Authorization

  • Uchumi shall partner with suppliers and authorize Merchandisers and promoters operations in all its branches. The buying department shall enter into merchandising agreement with the supplier as part of the trading terms and authorize merchandisers an promoters operations by issuing memos to outlets.
  • The memos contain details of the terms and conditions under which the merchandisers and promoters operate.


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