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uchumi customer feedback

We have put up systems in place to listen to our customers because we recognize that they are a key factor in our success in recent years.

We believe passionately that customers have benefited in so many ways from the intense competitive rivalry in this industry.

We know from the feedback we get on a daily basis that many customers like the products, prices and service in our stores. Customers also tell us when we don't get it right - but we do listen and respond to concerns.

This strategy of listening and responding has been successful, but we can not be complacent. We are well aware that if we stop listening and don’t respond to our customers’ needs they will choose to shop elsewhere.

How we listen

Customer service desks are located in the front of our shops with trained staff to handle customer feedback.

Customer Comment books are available in all our stores.

Customer service email which customers give us feedback to help us serve them better.

We are in the process of including other resources to help improve in customer service. We also hold training programs to all our staff to make sure we offer the best to our customers.

As well as listening to customers we also know how important it is to listen to our other stakeholders.

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