Toilet etiquette – are you wiping wrong?

The average person will live to see 30,000 sunrises. Assuming they visit the toilet thrice everyday (I use it more than that), they will have used the toilet nearly a hundred thousand times. Surprising, right? Ironically most people don’t follow the right toilet etiquette. Perhaps it’s because there’s no one to correct them. Or should I say see them? Here are seven pooping mistakes you should be ashamed of. Don’t you want a better poop?

  1. Wrong shape

The “healthy” bowel is banana-like, round-edged and comes once or twice in a day. Unless you’re constipating, you want to be in and out of the bathroom in the shortest time possible. In Fact, if you have a bowel of the right consistency, you will never need tissue paper. People have the “ideal” stool after eating whole-grain cereals, hydrating throughout the day and eating their fair share if vegetables daily. In fact, relieving your bowels shouldn’t be a struggle. If your having a hard time, then you’re doing it wrong. What other discomforts are you experiencing while making a number two?

  • Staying too long before relieving your guts

Sometimes its impossible to take a crap at your own convenience. Imagine you’re on a long road trip. Obviously, you cannot use the bathroom as often as you wish. Well, unless you’re driving yourself and can make pit stops as often as you wish. Here’s what a seasoned nutritionist has to say, every time you stay for long without taking a long call, the large intestines absorb water from the stool making it hard. Unless you’re looking for a constipation, this is an undesirable experience. In fact, constipation goes hand in hand with other health problems such as irregular bowel movements.

  • Maintaining an irregular schedule

The ideal healthy person wakes up and takes a healthy poop before resuming with other activities of the day. Sadly, most of us experience a “guessing” game where these movements come at the oddest hours. Condition your mind to pooping every time you wake up. Regular pooping times aren’t just heathy, they let us plan in advance. I doubt of you’re one of the few people that enjoy relieving themselves at the office bathrooms. I mean, there’s something enjoyable in pooping in your won toilet. Do this, take tow glassfuls of plain water every time you wake up. Unless you have a really bad constipation, you will be visiting the toilet faster than you think. Follow this routine religiously and you will have successfully created a regular pooping routine.

  • Cutting back on foods rich in fiber

Back in elementary school, we were taught that fiber isn’t digested by the body. Does this mean that it’s totally useless to the body? Of course not. Fiber draws in water to your bowels. This means that you have a “hydrated” poop. If you don’t have enough water, the waste won’t be able to go through the large and small intestines. The fiber and water acts as a lubricant. In fact, without water you will experience constipation. I doubt if it’s the most pleasant experience.